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Whichever end of the spectrum your contact centre falls at, Jabra offers a headset solution to meet your needs. Our product range for contact centres covers the most essential elements: comfort, excellent sound and durability, and includes a host of features that enable you to choose the headsets that are just right for your work environment.
Let us help you:
  • Improve communication and collaboration across your contact centre
  • Improve your contact centre environment
  • Help you increase conversion rates with effective communication
Contact centre solutions explained

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Why Jabra

Jabra headsets benefit your contact centre in three main areas:

Greater efficiency Employees can handle calls more efficiently without compromising customer experience. The increased call quality that comes with Jabra headsets means fewer misunderstandings and clearer communication.  

Superior service Getting things right the first time is just good business. Jabra headsets’ superior audio performance creates a more professional impression with customers and improves internal collaboration as well.     

Maximum comfort Uncomfortable headsets aren’t an option, at least not if you value employee retention. Our contact centre headsets feature unique, ergonomic designs especially crafted for prolonged use. Employees can choose from a variety of wearing styles, which increases employee satisfaction and ensures end-user adoption.


Customer stories
Customer storiesBe inspired and learn from our customers Read and watch success stories from other satisfied Jabra customers and learn from their experiences. Visit our "Customer Stories" page to be inspired.
Transcom"There is no need for the agents to repeat themselves. The customers don’t hear any background noise”: Those are some of the reasons why Transcom in the Philippines uses Jabra GN2000 headsets.

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Jabra is constantly adding to its library of reports, white papers, customer stories etc. on a wide range of subjects ranging from headset technologies and user experience to the role of the headset in business communications.

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- for the Frost & Sullivan White Paper “How Can I Help You?" and learn how headsets improve productivity in contact centres

Download best Practices Guide from Frost & Sullivan

The Best Practices Guide from Frost & Sullivan gives advice on how to deploy communication devices in a contact centre and includes 4 main sections and a checklist:

  • Assessment and Discovery
  • Vendor and Product Selection
  • Implementation and Training; Change Management
  • Measuring ROI; Follow-up

Frost and Sullivan
Contact Center solutions from Jabra Recommended Products for Contact CentresJabra offers a wide array of wireless and corded headsets for all types of contact centre environments. They feature noise-cancelling and HD voice technology, enabling your employees to hear customers clearly, despite background noise.

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