Jabra products for financial sector Miss one word and you could lose millions 

At Jabra we understand the need for an efficient, crystal clear and secure audio solution, especially in the financial industry where one word can make all the difference to a deal and where confidentiality is essential.

Exceptional sound 

That's why we offer noise-cancelling technologies that make every conversation a private and secure conversation. We also offer exceptional sound quality so employees don't miss – or misunderstand– a single word.
On this page you'll find further details about sound solutions for the financial industry.

Why Jabra


This simple show video explains the benefits of Jabra headsets for financial services

Jabra Financial Solutions Get the service and satisfaction you deserveMore than ever, your success depends on making the right financial decisions for your customers. Poor sound quality makes you look bad. A phone call that isn't crystal clear is confusing for your customers, as they demand complete trust and security.
With Jabra, you can deliver the service and satisfaction your customers deserve. Our range of great technologies ensures business is conducted securely and without interruptions – so you can focus on closing the deal.

MKB Bank

MKB BANK, HungaryLeading bank experiences great comfort which secures healthy work environment.

China Merchants Bank logo
China Merchants BankCommercial bank enhances customer service, optimises productivity and reduces total cost of operations.


Royal Bank of CanadaHigher employee wellbeing, great sound, fewer replacements, lower costs and excellent service.


Ming An Insurance, ChinaInsurance group reports higher customer satisfaction, improved productivity and longer equipment longevity.


Uniqa, HungaryErgonomic design earns the approval of call centre employees at one of the country’s large insurance companies.

Deloitte See how Jabra's solutions enable Deloitte employees to work productively and efficiently every day

White papers 

Read more about Jabra technology and how it can help your business in our downloadable white papers.


This paper explains the security that Bluetooth® technology offers. 


The security level towards unauthorised access to DECT voice calls is extremely high.

Professionals in the financial industry have different communication needs depending on their situations. Some people are based solely at their desk, others move throughout the office, while some employees need the freedom to work wherever they want. But whatever the situation, the need for security, confidentiality and crystal clear sound quality has never been greater.

Here is a selection of Jabra
solutions suitable for the
financial industry:
Compatibility Guide Compatibility guide
Based on your own phone systems, search and find the ideal headset solution for your needs.