easier to connect, communicate and work togetherUnified Communications (UC) brings together telephone land-lines, mobile phones, video conferencing, email and softphones and interfaces into one single integrated application. The result is more productive employees and smoother interactions.
Unified Communications

Would you like to hear how Jabra can help you:

  • Speed up user adoption and realise a better return on your UC investment with high quality handsfree audio solutions?
  • Save IT resources and make the right choices throughout your UC project?
  • Secure your investment for the future with UC-enhanced solutions that integrate seamlessly with your UC setup?

    Professional headsetsGet the most out of Unified Communications
    Without quality headsets, users can’t experience the full functionality – they’re only getting part of the solution. But by thinking about voice early in the process, and completing the Unified Communications (UC) solution with Jabra hands-free audio solutions, everyone gets the full story. 

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    While Unified Communications solutions have the potential to boost productivity, drive down costs and improve collaboration across companies, a Unified Communications solution is only as good as the audio device used. Our headsets provide a high quality, consistent audio experience with true wideband sound and an intuitive user experience, making it the ideal choice as part of your Unified Communications solution.

    Jabra acoustics World class acoustics Better sound enhances productivity and improves customer service. Jabra headsets are developed using the finest in acoustic technology with a special focus on voice and voice tools to ensure clear and consistent sound.

    Plug and play Easy installation. No need for installation experts or extensive training. Jabra headsets are simple to install with seamless connection to all phone systems.
    Efficiency One of the key advantages of Unified Communications with Jabra headsets is handsfree efficiency. Employees can do more, faster, when both hands are free – whether it's accessing important files, checking customer data or searching the internet.

    Mobility Mobile devices enable employees to stay in touch – anywhere and at any time. Unified Communications with Jabra headsets increase employee availability so it doesn't matter where you are working or what device you are using.


    We're here to make the voice aspect of your UC solution as strong as possible throughout the recognition, scoping, decision-making and implementation phases of the UC process.

    1. Recognition

    See how the high quality and usability of Jabra handsfree audio solutions can help increase your solution's ROI.

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    2. Scoping

    You're moving forward with your UC deployment and are researching different products and their advantages.

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    3. Decision

    You're ready to choose your products, and then build and test your UC solution.

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    4. Implementation

    Now that you've troubleshot and fine-tuned your complete UC solution, it's time to deploy it to the entire organisation. Explore the resources below.

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    "The quality of the Jabra products is one of the success factors of the roll-out of UC in our organisation."

    - Ingrid Martens, Project Manager, Lync at KU Leuven University, Belgium

    Empire CLS
    Empire CLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services are using Unified Communications and Jabra PRO™ 9400-series headsets to optimise their daily communication.

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    UC and today's communication trends

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    solutions for Unified CommunicationsJabra has partnered with key UC market players and developed a complete range of UC-optimised solutions for a fast and simple UC roll-out and better bottom line results.

    Benefit from superior sound experience. Get great sound every time with innovative noise-cancelling features, exceptional speaker quality and improved incoming call quality on selected models.

    See our suggested product range below for desk or mobile centric solutions including on-the-go professional needs.

    Compatibility GuideCompatibility guide
    Based on your own phone systems, search and find the ideal headset solution for your needs.

    JABRA EVOLVE™ For better concentration,
    for better conversation.

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