Mobile Headsets

Our headsets are designed for comfortable all-day wear. Never miss a call. Get clear, noise-free conversations wherever you are. Choose from many different wearing styles.

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Jabra Steel
Jabra Steel is an industrial strength headset made for trade workers. Whether you are on-site and covered in dirt, or on a scaffold in high winds, Jabra Steel will keep you connected in any of the tough environments that you find yourself in.
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Jabra Eclipse
Jabra Eclipse gives you the freedom to feel like you can be in two places at once. With a sleek elegant design and a sound so real it’s like you were there yourself, you’ll never have to miss a conversation again. It’s time to experience real sound by design.
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Jabra Stealth, our debut next-generation Bluetooth® headset is significantly smaller, lighter, more discreet and offers better comfort and longer talk time.
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Next generation Bluetooth mono headset with ten hours of talk time. Eliminates wind noise, so you can have clear calls even in noisy, windy conditions. Easily connect with NFC-enabled smartphones by simply tapping the two devices together. Slim design with all-day comfort.
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A Bluetooth® mono headset that's voice-activated and features a foldable boom-arm for maximum portability
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Bluetooth mono headset with wind noise protection and high-definition sound. Use it in the office or on-the-go. Wear it comfortably throughout your day.
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