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On any given day, office workers will likely handle multiple calls with customers and colleagues. Between those calls, they’ll often want to tune out their surroundings and get some focussed work done.

A good office headset can help them do both of those things.

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Recommended office headsets

Find a phone headset that meets your needs, whether that’s an affordable corded style or a wireless headset that lets you leave your desk while on a call. At Jabra, we stock office headsets that work seamlessly with your chosen software – from PCs to smartphones – so you can take calls and communicate with your network without interruption.

Turn your telephone headset into your ideal office headphones with ease too, and experience impressive sound quality all while getting your work done.


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On-ear leatherrette

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Shut out office noise and increase your productivity

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Better calls

When on a call, nothing is more important than hearing and being heard. Full stop. This is why our office headsets and speakerphones are built for one primary purpose: to make sure you never have to hear the words "Sorry, could you repeat that" again.

From HD voice to noise cancelling microphones, our products are designed to deliver clear, intelligible calls. Every time.

HD Voice

HD Voice/Wideband audio uses a broader sound frequency range, making your calls lifelike and vibrant.
You will not have to struggle to hear what the other person is saying.

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Noise cancellation

Noise cancelling microphones reduce unwanted background noise and are ideal in noisy open-office environments.

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Better focus

One of the biggest obstacles to getting some productive work done is background noise. Nowhere is that more true than in open-plan offices. It’s hard to concentrate with so many distractions around you.

We understand that. That’s why we offer a range of headsets specifically designed to block out surrounding noise, letting you focus on the task at hand. Higher-end models even come with active noise cancellation technology that counters noise by creating a mirror "anti-noise" signal.

Tune out distractions. Get your job done.

Better flexibility

Many office workers don’t like being confined to their desks, preferring to roam the office and multitask while on a call. With a wireless headset, office workers are free to leave their desks to find a document, consult a colleague, or grab a cup of coffee without putting the call on hold.

On top of that, wireless headsets lead to real business benefits. But don’t take our word for it:

A company case study by Benchmark Portals concludes:

By moving from tethered headsets to wireless, this office equipment technical support centre experienced multiple benefits, which were shown both in terms of measurable financial savings and in terms of agent satisfaction. From the CFO to the front-line agent, everyone was a winner - especially the customers.

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The Jabra Speak series

High-quality meetings are essential to productivity in the office.
Jabra speakerphones connect easily and provide great quality of sound

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Works with your phone or platform

Our headsets and speakerphones work out of the box with over 10,000 traditional desk phones. They are future-proof and compatible with all softphone and web clients, from Cisco Jabber to Skype for Business.

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Want to know what headsets work with your phone or platform? Try our compatibility guide.

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