Jabra Vega



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Listen to the difference with
Jabra noise-cancellation

  1. No headset
  2. Passive noise-cancellation
  3. Active noise-cancellation

Features at a glance

Highest audio fidelity

Custom-designed speakers – amplify your music in the highest audio fidelity without distortion

Active Noise Cancellation

Eliminate unwanted low-frequency background noise at the touch of a button. This lets you stay focused even in noisy office environments.

Eavesdrop function

Tune in and out of your surroundings at the touch of a button

Jabra Vega

Amplify your music experience with high-fidelity speakers and active noise cancellation

  • Block up to 99% of ambient noise
  • Enhanced sound
  • Tune in and out of your surroundings
  • Unparalleled build quality
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