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Engage AI

Analyze. Empathize. Optimize.


Outstanding customer experience,
empowered by AI

Wondering how to create engaging customer experiences in a hybrid working world? Then you’ll love our latest innovation: Engage AI.

It’s a new kind of sentiment analysis software, empowered by artificial intelligence, that helps contact center agents enhance and improve the customer experience. And it works in complete harmony with your preferred contact center platform.

Our customers have seen

A 12% increase in CSAT (Customer Satisfaction score)*.
27% shorter*, more effective calls.
50% more accurate read of customer sentiment**.


The Engage AI effect

Positive agents are more engaged, so customers end calls feeling happy they’ve been listened to and understood. We know that using Engage AI improves the call center experience for customers as well as for agents. How? Because we’ve got the numbers from real-life conversations.

We analyzed 700,000 calls on which agents were using Engage AI and found a 12% increase in CSAT (customer satisfaction score)*. It was also shown that agents using their best tone with Engage AI had 27% shorter*, more effective calls. Shorter calls are less likely to cause call fatigue and improve productivity for the agents and the business.

The software analyzes customers’ and agents’ tone of voice in real time to understand the sentiments running through both sides of the conversation. In fact, Engage AI provides a more accurate read on customer sentiment – 50% more accurate on 100% of calls in real-time**. So your agents gain insight into how the customer is feeling live on the call, helping them better understand how to help.

Because tone is the deciding factor on whether the call ends with a happy customer – or not.

* These impacts are measured when the agents perform at their best, e.g. when their tone is in the top 10% out of all their calls. Based on the analysis of the top 10% of 700,000 Engage AI calls. 

**Benchmarked against open source text-based sentiment analysis tools from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, BERT, and Assembly AI.

It’s not what you say…

Engage AI uses our revolutionary new technology to analyze customers’ and agents’ tone of voice in real time to understand the sentiments and engagement levels running through both sides of the conversation. Then it displays the sentiment score for the agent live during the call in a simple, fun, and engaging way.

This helps them adjust and improve their tone of voice in the moment, to give customers an even better experience. Because positive agents are more engaged, so customers end calls feeling happy they’ve been heard and helped.

AI that’s on your side.

We believe the big potential in AI is to empower people, not replace them. It’s time to empower yours with our revolutionary new AI contact center software, allowing you to understand sentiment and engagement, and bringing agents closer to both their customers and supervisors.


Creating emotionally intelligent customer service

Customer satisfaction is the number one performance metric in today’s contact centers, but it’s hard to measure. The feedback agents get from surveys is sporadic, and often biased.

Other AI-powered contact center software is retroactive, which means it analyzes the words transcribed by your Speech-to-Text (S2T) system and delivers the insights after the call (when agents are already on to the next).

As we all know, what we say and what we mean are sometimes very different. We’ve all had to try and decode a text message that just said “OK”. If that was hard for us, your poor S2T system has no chance.

We’re not big fans of guesswork, we prefer a more scientific, data-driven approach. So our engineers joined forces to do away with guesswork altogether, and give agents everywhere control of their own voice.


Software with serious smarts

Because tone is the best predictor of sentiment and engagement levels, we’ve trained our AI to understand human tone of voice. It only took 20 years of research by the top professors and engineers in voice tech, millions of human voice parameters, millions of analyzed conversations, and who knows how many email threads with the word ‘algorithm’ in them.

This software breakthrough is completely unique in the market, and will revolutionize the way you measure customer satisfaction.

But making the ultra-complicated ultra-simple is what we do, so all this knowledge and data is packaged in an amazingly intuitive and engaging interface. With easy-to-read, color-coded graphs, personalized avatars, and live tips and tricks to help agents up their game.


Own your tone!

Your agents’ tone can have a big impact on customer satisfaction, how effectively a customer inquiry is solved, and average handling time (AHT). They might be ten minutes away from the end of a long shift, but your customer doesn’t need to know that.

Engage AI is with them every step of the way, giving them a gentle nudge the moment they start to sound a little unfocused or disengaged (that means now, yes, right now, live), so they can improve their tone in real time and finish the day with another satisfied customer (and a lower AHT).


You’ve got a friend in me.

We all need friends we can rely on. Engage AI is like a personal coach, standing in your agents’ corner, cheering them on, and giving them a pep talk when they need one. So they can confidently get on with their calls, knowing Engage AI has got their back. 70% of agents say they feel more motivated thanks to using Engage AI*, which is a significant boost for improving their morale and performance.

* Based on Engage AI user surveys

Instead of pointing out errors and judging everyone by the same standard, Engage AI delivers a strength-based and personalized experience to each agent, so the experience is enjoyable, and consequently, engaging.


A personalized interface and gamified avatars add an element of fun, with pop-up notifications letting them know when they’re doing a great job, and live tips and tricks helping them up their game in real time. So your agents can take charge of their own development, and love Mondays (and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays…)

From the dashboard to the feedback, Engage AI is all about a personalized experience based on meeting the agents where they’re at and building on that baseline, highlighting areas for improvement. This positive and constructive development includes an independent assessment of the advisor’s tone so they can focus on putting their best self forward.

Advisors can check their personal dashboard for data transparency, and built-in privacy features ensure that the tool only analyzes softphone calls, not personal calls. So rather than feeling watched while they work, advisors can feel supported.


Super supervisors

Hybrid work has made it harder for supervisors to stay connected with their agents – simply ‘walking the aisle’ isn’t possible when your team is spread out. But Engage AI makes it easier than ever to train, coach, and bring new agents up to speed, wherever they’re located.

Rather than bombarding the already busy supervisors with incomprehensible charts and data, the intuitive dashboard in Engage AI tells them whenever there’s something they should know. Like when agents need their support, when someone deserves some recognition, or when their total team scores are trending up or down.

This means supervisors can easily see how individual agents are doing on their customer satisfaction scores both during and after a call, as well as trends for the whole team. Making it easy for them to offer more constructive, individualized coaching and support, exactly where it’s needed. We found that 85% of supervisors feel better connected to their teams thanks to Engage AI*. As more and more call centers operate with remote agents, this connection will keep your work force feeling like a team despite being physically dispersed.

* Based on Engage AI user surveys


A powerful partner

Whatever contact center platform you’re using, Engage AI is the ultimate partner. It works instantly alongside most platforms and is ideally paired with Jabra Engage headsets, which enable additional features such as measuring background noise, but works well with all professional headsets.

Very little configuration is required, and before you know it, your agents will be understanding your customers’ moods faster than you can say “let me look into that for you.” And if you prefer a single pane of glass view, you can also integrate Engage AI with your own systems and tools using APIs.


Nothing personal

Engage AI doesn’t transcribe conversations, it only monitors tone, and it does it locally, so no audio (or any kind of sensitive data) is streamed to the cloud, and no customer data is captured and processed.

Data is end-to-end encrypted, both in transit and at rest, for a fully GDPR-compliant software solution, for more peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Engage AI better at measuring customer experiences?

We’ve found Engage AI to be the best solution for measuring customer experiences for 3 main reasons:

  1. Engage AI is based on the power of the human voice rather than typical “speech to text” solution which converts the audio to text. Text is good for understanding content, but not as good at understanding customer sentiment and agent engagement and wellbeing
  2. We measure in real-time. Most AI solutions only offer feedback after the call or with large delays. Real-time feedback offers agents the opportunity to fix any issues on the fly and gives the supervisors an opportunity to help immediately if needed
  3. Engage AI is personalized and strength-based. Most AI solutions focus on finding errors (“you are not following the script”). Engage AI gives feedback based on a) agents’ typical performance, always ensuring encouragement in the progress and b) agents’ strength, giving credit when performances are strong more than pointing out errors.

How does Engage AI compare to established ways of measuring customer satisfaction?

Engage AI scores every single call, unlike survey tools that only have a 5-20% response rates and are often biased. Engage AI allows 100% measurement. Typical call monitoring/review by QM only selects a few random calls per agent. Engage AI allows all parties to see the whole picture instead of relying on the “luck of the draw”. And generally, if you evaluate customer sentiment or engagement based on words you have to literally evaluate every sentence. Most sentences will come across as neutral, but their tone will reveal sentiment and engagement quite easily.

Is Engage AI for contact centers only?

Engage AI is designed for people who are speaking to customers, so it is also for e.g., financial advisors that would not typically refer to themselves as “contact center agents”, but where calls have high value and where there is typically some mechanism for ensuring customer consent to analyze the call.

Why is Engage AI a helpful tool for the agent?

Engage AI boosts motivation by giving praise when its warranted – for instance if an agent is delivering their best tone of the month. This can break the sometimes monotonous and tough days. This kind of praise is particularly valuable in hybrid work where supervisors lack the visibility to such moments.

Moreover, Engage AI finds in the data that agent’s tone levels vary throughout the day. For instance, many have a drop right after lunch. Engage AI gives them a small reminder if this happens and helps to pick themselves up and get back on track – and thereby lift the customer experience.

Finally, Engage AI gamifies the call experience by showing real-time avatars of the customer and agent where the sentiment and engagement of the avatars change based on the conversation flow. This delivers an experience you could call “video call without video” that – like a video call – can feel much more personal and engaging – and lift the performance of the agent as a result.

What is the difference between speech-to-text technology and the tone-based technology within Engage AI?

Speech-to-text is a very useful technology in the contact center. By transcribing all the conversations, it can provide a lot of value in terms of contact center automation (by automating the most frequent flows via chatbots or self-service), knowledge base improvements, voice of customer analytics (what are customers calling about), etc.

When it comes to real-time detection of sentiment and engagement, speech-to-text cannot detect the difference between a highly energetic and friendly sounding agent and someone using the same words. And it is very challenging to categorize sentiment and engagement levels in real-time using the words spoken. And finally, it is much harder to scale speech-to-text across different languages, whereas our technology works with any language.

How does Engage AI handle sensitive data and comply with GDPR?

Engage AI does not identify, or attempt to identify, the caller. Engage AI also does not link records for the same caller. Engage AI does not measure and record the words of the customers. Engage AI only measures customer sentiment (from “frustrated” to “happy”) and agent tone (from “low energy and unfriendly” to “energetic and friendly” on 0-10 scales during the call. We do our best to guide customers to correct product usage but ensuring the right level of compliance across their systems landscape is ultimately the customer’s responsibility.

How do I deploy Engage AI?

Engage AI is a software-as-a-service solution managed by Jabra. Each user in your organization will need to have a client application installed, which can be easily set up through MSI.

Will the data from Engage AI integrate into my existing systems?

There is a lot of value in the interfaces we provide directly, but of course you can take the data out and review it in your preferred BI/analytics systems. For this purpose, we have created a very simple data API to extract the data.

Will Engage AI work in any culture, language and/or dialect?

Yes! The AI model has been rigorously tested in most languages and accents and we have not been able to find any noteworthy biases at this point.

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